Step 1: Complete the Declaration for Off-Grid Small Scale Embedded Generation form. The form requires technical information that your installer will be able to assist you with. Once you have completed this form, you can then install your off-grid system.

To assist you we have completed parts of the form, however you will still need to complete:

Page 1: Property owners details
Page 2: GPS co-ordinates, Electricity Meter number and type of meter (prepaid/conventional)
Page 3: This is not applicable and does not need completing
Page 4:Property owner or proxy to sign

Step 2: After installation is complete, send the completed Declaration form to the City. Homeowners must include a copy of the electrical installation Certificate of Compliance (CoC), as well as a schematic diagram of the off-grid installation. Documents can we be emailed to

Step 3: A City technician will contact the home owner regarding the next steps to verify that the system is fully off-grid.

Step 4: The City will then issue an Off-Grid Due Diligence Installation Approval letter. This gives the home owner permission to generate your own electricity in a safe and legal manner.
| The process:
What does it cost me to register my PV system?
Registration is free, however if you do don’t register your system you could be fined R6425.90.

When is the deadline for registering an existing system?
The deadline has been expended to May 2019, so make sure your registration is submitted before then to avoid paying any penalties.

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Apply for authorisation for off-grid or standalone small-scale embedded generation (SSEG)
For all customers who have installed the Heatbox Energy Geyser Heater, please take note. This important information applies to you.
| Do I need to Register my Solar Thermal System (SWH)?
No. Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) that use the sun’s thermal energy to heat water directly are not considered electricity generators and do not need to be registered. However, solar PV panels that are directly connected to a hot water geyser element via a change-over switch will need to be registered (as do all solar PV panels irrespective of their use) to confirm that the system is an off-grid PV system and is not mistaken for a grid-tied system. This means that if you have a Solarent Heatbox Energy installed, you will need to register it with The City of Cape Town.
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